There are many different types of injuries that an accident victim can suffer that can cause long-term health issues. One of the most catastrophic injuries is a brain injury. Two of the most common ways that a victim can sustain a brain injury are car accidents or slip and fall accidents.

Brain injury attorneys, understand how devastating a brain injury can be for a victim and their family and work diligently to get our clients the financial compensation they deserve because of the losses their injuries have caused them.

One of the most common brain injuries that victims suffer are concussions. Unfortunately, symptoms of concussions are often delayed, and a victim has no idea they have been injured. This actually puts them at even more risk for dangerous health issues. This is why a brain injury attorney recommends that anyone who has been in an accident where they have suffered a blow to the head should seek out medical attention immediately. A doctor can determine if the victim has a concussion, recommend any necessary treatment, and also alert the victim of any symptoms to watch for that could indicate a more serious problem or complication.

If a victim does have a concussion, the treatment will depend on how serious the concussion is. If it is a minor one, the doctor may recommend rest and over-the-counter medication for any discomfort. The doctor will also tell the victim what other symptoms to watch out for. Depending on the extent and the overall health of the victim, there may be a follow up appointment, or the doctor may not feel one is necessary as long as the victim is doing okay.

If a victim has sustained a more serious brain injury, they likely require extended treatments. Failure to follow through with treatment or follow doctors’ orders could result in permanent brain damage. When there is serious or severe brain injury, the victim will often require emergency care. Medical professionals are usually focused and working on the victim’s oxygen and blood supply and work to ensure the victim’s blood pressure does not drop.

The victim is sometimes given medication to stop them from having seizures or if the injury is really severe, the victim may be given coma-inducing drugs. The victim may also require surgery to stop bleeding in the brain, remove blood clots, open the skull to reduce pressure, or repair fractures in the skull. After a serious brain injury, it is often necessary for the victim to have to go through intensive rehabilitation. This can include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and vocational counseling.

The medical care for a brain injury is expensive and often long-term. The victim is usually unable to work and faces lost income, as well as pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and so much more. A brain injury attorney can fight to get the victim the compensation they deserve from the party or parties responsible for the accident that caused the brain injury. To learn more, call a law firm today and find out how they can help.