Feeling as though you’re being discriminated against at work is a terrible feeling, as the workspace is supposed to be a safe space for all employees. However, many workers are worried about further adverse treatment if they speak up for themselves or file a report. Anyone who suspects that discrimination is occuring at their company is encouraged to seek legal advice from a reputable lawyer as soon as possible.

If you still aren’t feeling confident yet about taking action, here are some clear signs that you may be dealing with employment discrimination:

Gender Bias

Our brains are hardwired to put things that we encounter into categories. However, bias can result in prejudices against people, enabling inequalities to grow between demographics. Are many of the leading positions given to males, while females are not provided such opportunities to grow in the company? This may be even more so of a red flag if you know that there are highly qualified women who have been given smaller or less impactful roles. 

Lack of Diversity

You may have observed by walking around the office that there is a pattern of demographic that tends to be hired at the company. In many cases, it is those of minority groups who get hired and then notice they are not the commonality among coworkers. If you do not fit into the demographic, this may create a work environment that fosters discriminatory comments and situations against you. 

Communication Habits

How people engage with you is important. And since being treated poorly through actions tends to be obvious, communication is another way that people may discriminate. If you are being talked down to, made small, or receive jokes about your age, race, ethnicity, gender, or other protected characteristic, then you must get legal help now to halt the matter. 

Employees deserve to be free from discrimination, so contact an employment lawyer, like one from The Law Group of Iowa, immediately if any of the information applies to you.