Head injuries are one of the most complicated and problematic injuries any person can experience. A head injury accident may occur from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or because a person was negligent or committed a grave mistake. If someone’s recklessness or lack of care left you with terrible injuries, and to no fault of your own, then the lawyer may need to be contacted.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents often result in mild to severe brain injury and may have happened from slippery surfaces, broken flooring, loose debris, or other factors that made the area unsafe. If the owner of these premises is negligent and does not maintain the property properly, they may be held accountable for the victims’ injuries.

Car Crashes

Car accidents are a leading contributor of head injuries. When someone gets crashed into by another driver, they could easily hit their head on the back of the seat, steering wheel, window, or pavement if there was ejection. A driver may be viewed at fault if they were speeding, driving distractedly, or otherwise breaking traffic laws in the moments prior to the collision.

Assault or Violence

A person may have sustained a brain injury because of the intentional and harmful actions of someone else. Perhaps there was a fight, an outright assault, or someone unintentionally inflicted harm but was exhibiting aggressive or obscene behavior at the time. Depending on the circumstances, there may be both a civil and criminal case being pursued a brain injury caused by assault or violence.

As our Brain Injury Attorney friends at The Lynch Law Group would also agree with, head injury accidents warrant reaching out to lawyer if a person or entity was responsible. Victims have the right to pursue compensation from the offender so they have the finances needed to get the care they require.