How Widespread Illness Can Occur on Vacation Cruise Ships

Perhaps one of the very last things any guest on a cruise ship wants to endure, is stomach pains, throwing up, breathing problems, nausea, and other symptoms related to falling ill. Contagious illness in particular can quickly travel around the cruise ship from guest to guest, since all passengers live in relatively close areas to each other. After suffering from a terrible sickness, a guest may arrive home and wonder if they are entitled to some sort of compensation for what happened. Here we have talked further about how illness can spread widely on cruise ship vacations, and how you can seek retribution for your good time turned sour.

Q: Do cruise ships have medical staff?

A: Yes, cruise ships typically have an area where doctors and medical staff can attend to guests who get sick or injured while on board. The extent of the medical team’s knowledge on the ship can vary, and in certain cases a guest may receive less care than they need to get better. This means a guest can suffer unnecessarily due to insufficiently trained medical personnel.

Q: What if my illness was a result of bad food-service?

A: Cruise ships commonly have around the clock food and drink services for guests to enjoy. Food staff who are careless with safe handling and food practices may contaminate an item, that is then served to potentially hundreds of guests. This ingested food or drink can cause gastrointestinal issues, salmonella, dysentery, norovirus, and other food-borne conditions.

Q: What are the ways that a contagious illness can spread?

A: Not only are guests living, eating, and playing in very close groups for weeks, but they may all be breathing the same recirculated air below deck. This flow of air can spread a contagious illness in a short period of time around the entire ship. As more and more guests get sick, the medical infirmary can exceed capacity quickly. If the cruise line doesn’t uphold a reasonable standard of safety, food-service, and maintenance, serious injuries and illness can happen to innocent guests.

Q: What should I do if I am showing symptoms of food poisoning?

A: Guests who believe they have food poisoning after eating a meal while on board the ship, must report it to staff right away. This can help the employees identify where the error had occurred, and remove it so no further guests become harmed. It also help support your lawsuit if you file after arriving home, to have documented proof that shows the severity of your poisoning.

Q: But is getting sick just part of the risks of getting on board a cruise ship?

A: While people do get sick in everyday life, there is a difference between a guest becoming ill due to their own accord, and a situation where negligence or misconduct on behalf of the cruise line caused the illness. Those who believe the cruise line was responsible for their sickness, can talk with an attorney in their area for more information on how to take action for the wrongdoing.  

Source: Personal Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, Rasmussen & Miner