Personal Injury Lawyer White Plains, NY

If you found yourself injured due to somebody else’s negligence then you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer such as the ones available at Greenspan and Greenspan PC, working with an experienced personal injury lawyer it’s going to ensure that you don’t offer any of the common myths about personal injury claims. These types of claims are not easy money. You are actually working very hard to prove that negligence caused her injury and that you require compensation to get back your life the way it was, and that is assuming that you are not disabled for life because of your injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

You should talk to your personal injury lawyer if you have any questions about things you have heard about personal injury cases. You should not go into a personal injury claim believing that it will resolve quickly because each personal injury claim is going to be different than the last; there is no timeline out there in the world that dictates how fast a personal injury claim must be resolved. If you go into a personal injury claim with a personal injury lawyer and you have specified a timeline that you were trying to follow, you may be sorely disappointed. Resolving a case quickly requires many factors being favorable such as the injured party receiving treatment for their injuries, being cleared by the doctor, being declared to be at maximum medical improvement, and much more. Going into a personal injury claim with no timeline but an end goal is to receive compensation for everything you’ve endured is a much better mindset.

Do not go iin thinking that because you were injured by somebody’s negligence or carelessness that you will receive funds automatically. You still have to be able to prove that the unique characteristics of your case deserve compensation; just because you were injured due to someone else’s carelessness and negligence does not mean that the judge is going to see fit to give you money. Your personal injury lawyer will definitely talk against us because it’s very disappointing if you do not win your case.

A lot of people believe that the at fault driver in a car accident is going to pay the medical bills as they incur them in any personal injury case stemming from a car accident, that is not true. As you have accumulated these medical bills you are paying out of pocket, your healthcare insurance is paying, or even your auto insurance is going to pay until you reach a settlement with the driver or the insurance of the driver; or the case goes to trial with a personal injury lawyer at its head. Either way the at fault driver will not pay anything until the case is resolved at trial if the trial has resolved in your favor. Essentially they do not have to pay you anything into the agreed to settlement terms or the court has entered an official judgment, or personal injury lawyers should make this extremely clear to you so that you know what to expect as you could this process.