No two car accidents are exactly the same, so one couldn’t say how yours is going to turn out. There’s a chance you’ll be at fault and responsible for compensating the other driver. There’s a chance the other driver will be at fault, or there may even be a third party involved. In any case, you may not know whether to hire a lawyer. How long should you wait before making that decision?

Getting a Lawyer on the Case Immediately

For the best results, you’ll probably want to at least contact a lawyer immediately following your accident. Speak with your family members today about your wishes so if you’re in a coma or otherwise unable to take care of securing a catastrophic injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, like from The Law Office of Eglet Adams, your family members will do it for you. You can initially just talk to your lawyer so he or she can gain an understanding of your situation. The lawyer can help you understand what you would gain from filing an insurance claim and how you might benefit more from a lawsuit. The lawyer can also help you understand how he or she can help and what it might cost for legal services.

Waiting Until You Know More

If you choose to wait until you know more about your situation, that’s OK too, but you don’t want to wait too long. Each state has a statute of limitations that determines how long an individual has to file a lawsuit. If you wait until the statute has run out, you wouldn’t be able to receive compensation from the at-fault party in your accident. Your lawyer will need time to make the case, which could include:

  • Gathering evidence such as photographs, insurance information and medical documents
  • Interviewing witnesses and asking them to testify on your behalf
  • Getting official statements and opinions from doctors and other professionals

As you can see, those things required to make a case could take some time. If you wait too long, your lawyer might be rushed, and you may not get the complete compensation you deserve.

Contact Your Lawyer with Questions

Every car accident requires a new set of eyes to determine how the case should be handled. If you were recently in a car accident and don’t know whether you need a lawyer, you can always contact someone for answers to your most pressing questions. Call your car accident lawyer today to start getting those answers.