Having great public relations can certainly accelerate your law firm traffic, growth, and development. As long as you proceed with clear objectives, while adhering to your goals, taking advantage of public relations planning can offer you a major boost. Before you choose to take this path, you might ask yourself, “Will PR be able to help my firm reach our goals and objectives?”

Defining Your Law Firms’ Goals

As a PR firm, we always tell our clients that understanding their goals, in addition to, their key performance indicators are crucial. This will help you, and us, to define measurable objectives for your law firms’ public relations.  Your goals should be measurable. Without this, any of your public relations planning could be a failure. Many law firms will measure their key performance indicators through profit margins. An example of popular goals many firms share include:

Increase profit by __%

Expand into new markets

Develop a new area of practice

Mergers and acquisitions

Increase the firms’ lawyers by ___%

Increase the firm’s reputation and ranking

+ More

As you might see, the above are great examples of measurable goals that can be reached through public relations planning and marketing. Once you have an idea of what your goals are, it is important to determine what the objectives will be for your PR planning. For example, what are you seeking by executing a PR plan for your law firm? What are you hoping people will think about when they hear your firms’ name? These are important questions that will help you to understand what PR tools will be best suited to your needs. 

A PR firm for lawyers knows that some of the most common PR objectives for attorneys and law firms include:

To increase awareness about the firm and it’s services

To build brand awareness

To relocation a facility

To communicate about a merger or acquisition

To retain new and existing clients

To acquire clients from a new market

To develop goodwill from employees

To gain media publicity after winning a settlement or verdict

To shape public opinion

To build a case that may involve multiple plaintiffs

To generate more referrals from other lawyers

Public relations is one of the best ways to create dialogue between you and your clients, as well as other law firms. As soon as you know what you want, and why you can begin to execute the PR plan. Rest assured, if you are unsure about what your goals and objectives might be, talk to [company name] to brain storm and strategize. 

Are You Interested in PR Planning for Law Firms?

If you are a lawyer or part of a practice group of a small or large firm, and are ready to boost your audience or growth, consider meeting with PR strategists.

By choosing a public relations company in New York, New York, like Goldman McCormick PR, for your law firm, you can feel peace of mind in knowing they know the legal industry, target markets, and practice areas. Call today to learn more.